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      Cheri  is a graduate of Armstong College and has been a hygienist for over 30 years and a part of Dr. Graham's dental team for over 25.  Cherie is married to Mark and they have two children and one grandchild.   

Cheri's quote on dental hygiene is "floss every day between now and the next time I see you and you will never stop!" Take the challenge...... 

         Cindy is a graduate of Armstrong College and has been a hygienist for over 28 years and a part of Dr. Graham's dental team for 8 years.  Cindy is married to Mark and they have two sons currently attending college.   

Cindy's quote on dental hygiene is  "I am here to help you fall in love with your smile. Your Smile is priceless!"

         Lisa is a licensed dental assistant who worked for Dr.Graham, left to raise her family and returned 2 years ago.  Lisa is married to Steve and they have two son's,  two daughters and two grandchildren.

Lisa's quote on dentistry is  "I love to help people not be afraid of the dentist" 

          Lisa has been in the dental management field for 20 years managing dental offices  in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Savannah.  She has now claimed Savannah as her final resting place after traveling many years with her husband Izzy.  They have three son's,  nine grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

 Lisa's quote on dentistry is " I want to make our patients feel comfortable from the time they walk in the door as a possitive experience is what makes life long patients."